Mark Spelbring for Indiana House District 42

"Hi, I'm Mark Spelbring!  Yes, the real one I mentioned in my radio ads, not the fictional character opponent made up.

However, it's over.  They won.


It's pretty obvious I don't have the support of the people of House District 42.  Whether that's indicates I never had support, or people never believed what I said, or that they actually believed what opponent's people said about me, or that they just hate our duly elected president so much that they believe anyone else who is a Democrat is a horrible person is not clear.

It doesn't matter.  Voters stayed home in droves.  As another candidate noted, decisions are made by the people who show up.  They decided.


THANK YOU to everyone who did believe in me, who did support me, and who did vote for me.  Good luck to all of you!






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